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Pink Material emerged from the realm of independent filmmaking, rooted in the fusion of diverse genres that culminated in the creation of adult-oriented content. Our cinematic influences traverse the landscape from 70s roughies and experimental projects to 90s gonzo, predominantly distributed in physical formats. The overarching objective of Pink Material is to craft distinctive films tailored for an adult audience, delivering them through various mediums such as Blu-ray, VHS, and digitally, catering to the preferences of contemporary viewers.

At Pink Material, our approach to talent selection transcends conventional categories, focusing instead on the exploration of diverse genres. Our repository encompasses all self-produced content, characterized by a commitment to straightforward filmmaking. Additionally, we aspire to function as a distribution platform for fellow labels and creators seeking to release their work in physical formats. Within our platform, we proudly serve as the distribution arm for the limited release productions of Club Disgust.

Established in 2019, Club Disgust specializes in the creation of experimental films with a focus on horror and drama themes tailored for audiences 18 and above. Originating in the horror and fetish genres, Club Disgust seamlessly blends the two, resulting in a unique and unconventional approach to filmmaking. Revitalized in collaboration with Pink Material, Club Disgust ventures into the realm of experimental bizarre cinema, driven by a genuine passion for the art of film without adhering to a prescribed narrative direction. The films produced by Club Disgust are exclusive, strictly limited editions designed to appeal to collectors of Club Disgust and enthusiasts of experimental cinema alike.

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